Hello, namaste, and greetings!


I hope you’re all healthy and happy! For today’s blog, I wanted to look at some of the best pet hair vacuums I’ve come across in my time as a pet lover! As you know I’ve got a pack of friendly pooches here in my home, and they take a lot of looking after. If you’re also a dog person, I’m sure you can relate to the struggle of dealing with all the hair. It’s in the rugs, on the yoga mats, and don’t even get me started on my couch! So, it’s fair to say that I’ve got a vested interest in making sure that I have a good cleaning machine to keep me sane.


One of the biggest principles I teach people in my life coaching practice is that order comes from within! And when you create order and harmony in the world around you, you create a space that allows for mental peace and order. I like to think that tidying my physical space and decluttering is like a remote control for my mind and spirit. It’s a reciprocal relationship, too. Creating order gives you a sense of purpose and achievement, while being in an ordered space gives you a sense of clarity.


That’s why I find it so helpful to get rid of obvious dirt, especially pet hair. There’s no way I can focus on my morning practice with fur on my mat. Ugh. So, I’ve found myself relying on a good vacuum more and more. I know it can be a real challenge to find a decent one these days, especially for doggies, so here’s my two cents’ worth!


I actually have three different vacuums to talk about:


The first is mine, which is a Miele. I like it because I have a whole mix of flooring and things, and this lets me deal with everything really nicely. Mine is a Titan, which is what they call their basic canister model with the motor brush. I don’t have a lot of carpets personally, but I find that on my area rugs, it’s basically impossible to get fur off without a big motor brush. This one’s perfect, and as far as I can see, it doesn’t do any damage to the rugs, which is definitely a problem I’ve seen from other ones. So, it’s a canister vacuum, with two different floor heads, the motor one for rugs and carpets, and a big brushy one for smooth floors. They’re both fantastic. I also cheat and use the carpet brush on the couch, which is the easiest way I’ve ever found to get all the fur off. It sure beats scrubbing with some upholstery tool and having to suck all the hairs off it.

I would definitely say it’s the best canister vacuum I’ve ever used, and I would say the best vacuum I’ve used period, but I know some people don’t like canister vacuums at all. I also personally hate bagless vacuums, so the bags on this one are perfect for a neat freak who will be frustrated by any loose dust and hair when I’m emptying the thing out. This thing is definitely the most expensive of the three vacuums I’m talking about, but I’d say that if you’re the kind of person like me who would rather just get it over with and buy the absolute best thing rather than be stuck with something “fine”, it’s perfect.


Now, having said that, I know that some people would argue about whether a canister vacuum is really the right way to clean 2 storey homes. Personally, I don’t mind using mine, because the hose is long enough to get up the flight in my house, but my sister swears by stick vacuums, since she can just carry the whole thing along.


So, that brings me to the second vacuum which is one my sister has, called a Dyson V6. It’s a convertible stick thing-y that she totally adores. I can definitely see the appeal, since it’s cordless and super light, but still really powerful. She likes that she can fit the motor head on her carpeted stairs. I know that’s something she looked for a lot when she was shopping. Honestly, I don’t think I could deal with how small the little dust cup is on it, but she says she just does a lot of little cleans, so she doesn’t have a problem. Definitely something to think about, but if you’re more of a sporadic cleaner than I am, workable! It’s very powerful, it’s super easy to use, and of course there’s no power cord to think about. I have to say it’s the most modern-y vacuum I’ve tried. Anyway, if you want to see what I’m talking about, because it’s really a cool gadget, she found a really good review on http://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/top-for-carpeted-stairs. That’s actually the site where we found both ours, by the way, so definitely check it out!

And lastly, I figured I should throw in something for people with a lot of carpets to clean who don’t want to spend as much as I did on a Miele. So the third recommendation I have for cleaning up after pets is actually listed as the best cheap vacuum under 100, and it’s a Bissell OnePass upright vacuum. I need something that can do hard floors in my house, which is why I don’t use one of these, but we have one at the office for cleaning our carpeted floors (which we have our pets on all the time), and holy crap, it’s amazing! It takes literally seconds to do the carpets because of the size of the floor head, and we’ve never had a problem with it. I would definitely say it’s a great one for places with deep carpets and lots of them! And so cheap! Under $100, easily. It devours fur, and leaves nothing behind. I wouldn’t use it on hard floors, though.


Let me know if you have any other vacuum suggestions to share! I’m happy to post your own experiences, so definitely reach out with them!


Wishing you a tidy, relaxing day!